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ZR6 and Indmar

February 20th 2016 - zrwake, indmar engines

Indmar Marine Engines has a pedigree going back 40 years in the inboard marine industry and a proud tradition of pointing the way forward.  Today, this legendary brand delivers an inimitable mix of unrivaled performance, meticulous craftsmanship and ground breaking innovations - Charting a course for others to follow, yet leaving the competition behind.

Who knew that an idea for a second career would result in a legendary brand that would enable the boating and watersports industry to progress and grow...

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zrwake pricing price on demand

February 14th 2016 - zrwake, the basic wake machine

ZRwake Base Price P.O.D. w/Indmar Engine 370 HP Cruel though they may be… Does anybody else feel jealous and aroused and worried?

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Vimeo indmar post

January 10th 2016 - video, zrwake

Indmar Factory Tour

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Vimeo indmar post

January 10th 2016 - video, wakecraft


Indmar’s engineering team took everything off the table and literally reinvented the inboard marine engine. Purpose building every component and feature specifically for today’s modern towboats and the watersports they tow..


3D and FDM modeling and FEA analysis technologies were used to design and test the Raptor’s innovative components. Every bolt, screw and component of the Raptor Series was submitted to relentless testing to improve the performance, durability and reliability of the engine series.

More than three years in the making with countless hours of extreme lab, durability and open water testing, the Raptor Series has proved itself under extreme loading and in more extreme conditions than you will ever likely experience.

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